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March 3, 2016
Custom Stages, Original Files & Reversals

ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning

We only offer Tuning, which is developed and written by us, in house. Official users of EVC WinOLS, Magicmotorsport, & Alientech. More than 10 years experience in the field of ECUs. We can cater for all solutions, from DTC removal & hardware deletes. To fully custom Stage 3+ tuning and the likes of map switching. We have vehicles running our custom software all over the world. We have calibrations that have been tested thoroughly. Health checking and login of vehicles throughout. You can be confident that your vehicle is getting the best with

Number of Tunes to date


Continued Development

Forever development within the industry. We have all the tools necessary to hit our goals. Using specialist tools including disassembly and CAN sniffing to help achieve our goals. We don't have all the answers, but certainly aim to achieve them. With our WinOLS database & specialist flash tools, we are able to deal with even the latest of engine management. Including the latest Bosch MG1 & MD1 ECUs.
flex 4 Lehane

Specialist Tools

It is as much down to the tools as it is to who is completing the work. We have an array of specialist tools to complete the job correctly, From diagnostic & flash tools. To hand tools & monitoring tools. Able to monitor engine knock audibly, and follow AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) by live data or with a probe. With our flash tools we pay annually for updates to stay on top of our game. With our master tool, we can offer our service all over the country/world. Just ask us what you need, no matter where you are!

Features include

Performance Tuning

Torque Tuning

Economy Tuning

Mixed Tuning

All Stages of Tuning 1+2+3+

Launch Control & 2Step

Anti-Lag & Launch Control

DTC (Error Code) Removal

DPF-GPF-EGR-AdBlue & Hardware Removals

Map Switching From vehicle Standard Switches

Switched Over-Run (Pop&Bang)

RPM Limiter & Speed Limiters

Hot & Cold Start Fixes

If you need something not listed, just get in touch.

Average Gains

  • Power BHP %30%
  • Fuel Economy %10%