Immobiliser & Key Cloning

Immobilisers prevent a car from being started using a key that does not belong. Many cars no longer use traditional barrels, so the need for protection and security is even greater. Sometimes a key is lost, or additional keys are required, or sometimes it’s as simple as an engine swap, and the immobiliser will need to be deleted from the cars ECU. Lehane can accommodate many immobiliser related issues, from deletes, to diagnostics and key cloning to programming. If you’d like more specific information regarding your issue, please get in touch today.

Key Cloning Services will require proof of ownership

Immobiliser Delete

I’ve lost my keys can you help?

Yes. Depending on your car make and model, we can produce a new key chip for your immobiliser, this sometimes means removing the immobiliser from the car, as some cars will require an existing key to replicate.

I own have one key, can I get a second?

Yes. We can clone and add a second key to your car in a few ways, this depends on your make and model. Please get in touch using the form below for a specific quote for your vehicle.

I’ve swapped my engine, and now my car won’t start

Usually, the cars ecu and immobiliser is all connected together, so if you swap your engine, and so also your ecu, the existing immobiliser, which is often part of the cluster and barrel will no longer sync to your ecu, so the car will not start. Sometimes the solution is to take all of the donor ecu, clusters and immobiliser related items and swap them over, but that’s not always possible, due to either limited parts, or even a different car the donor engine came from.

In these situations, the best case is to usually remove the immobiliser from the system, so the car will then start using the exiting key, this does depend on your make and model of your car, along with the donor engines ECU.

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